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Rental Deals!

 a renter looking for one of these shiny new buildings in downtown la and looking to take advantage of some new move in deals with all the new inventory here.


US - a licensed real estate company that has relationships with most of these buildings and can offer you 1/2 of of our commission, on top of any offers/ promos the building is offering!  


THE CATCH? - each building is different, but most require us to escort you in during your first visit and sign you in. other buildings may require us to set up the appointment for you. Both of which we can easily handle.  


BUT WHY? - new buildings are popping up all over downtown la and they’re trying to fill up their vacancies fast. These new building typically offer their current tenants referral bonuses. But, as a downtown la real estate company, they offer us even more than a referral bonus, we make a percentage of the total lease, of which we’d be happy to split with you. It’s a win - win. 


HAVE QUESTIONS? - Reach out to us, and speak to a live person now!  Contact us.



MORE about us? - We are a property management company, and real estate sales company centered out of downtown la. Find out more. 


Our Other offerings? - Once you move in to your new place, we offer our handyman  move-in package that includes mounting a tv on the wall, hanging picture frames, and even painting an accent wall. Click here for more info.


Current Buildings. Hope and Flower, 825 S Hill St., Aven. 


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